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You cannot buy good health – but you can invest in it.

Chilliwack, BC: The Chilliwack Hospital Foundation (CHF) is your partner in community healthcare. We collaborate closely with the staff of the Chilliwack General Hospital to assist the needs of the hospital that directly impact patient care, and to assist our local doctors and nurses by ensuring we have new equipment that is easy to use and provides the efficiency needed, especially in today’s staffing shortages.

The Chilliwack Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that thanks to the generosity of John O’Connor, we have been able to purchase seven new cystoscopes for Chilliwack General Hospital.

Cystoscopes are used to obtain a visual picture of the bladder and urethra to look for any abnormalities. Cystoscopies help with the diagnoses and treatment of cancers. In fact, a cystoscopy is the only way that bladder cancer can be diagnosed. The hospital currently performs about 42 cystoscopies per week.
The Chilliwack Hospital Foundation wishes to thank John O’Connor, and each of our generous donors, for assisting us in funding new equipment for the hospital.

Every dollar donated makes a world of difference to the many patients our hospital services.

There are several ways to support our hospital:

  • Be one of the first to join our NEW 500 Club!
    The five hundred club is a commitment to donate $1000 a year for 5 years. All funds will
    be used to purchase new and updated equipment for Chilliwack General Hospital.
  • Give in Honour or Memory
    Dedicate a gift in honour of a special person or family member. Create a legacy while supporting critical healthcare needs in our community.
  • Legacy & Estate Giving
    Making a planned gift will ensure a lasting impact and will positively support healthcare needs for generations to come.

Doctor Robert Fox, CHF Director and Chilliwack doctor says, “No one cares for the people of Chilliwack more than the people of Chilliwack”, and we agree.

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Media Contact:
Harry Geddes, Chair, Chilliwack Hospital Foundation