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CYF-VH HD Flex CystoNephro Videoscope and CYF Tray Kit

The Olympus CYF-VH HD cysto-nephro videoscope is the first flexible endoscope of its kind to provide high-definition imaging in an endoscope this small. The videoscope’s Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) is 20% brighter than previous models, providing enhanced visualization of capillary networks and mucosal morphology. The scope features a variable stiffness shaft and a redesigned tip for enhanced performance and improved patient comfort. The videoscope is also available with reverse angulation (CYF-VHR).

This videoscope has improvements such as increased image quality, superior tip design, and enhanced control for practitioners. 

The Chilliwack Hospital Foundation has a goal of purchasing seven of these videoscopes and four of the tray kits.