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John & Holly O’Connor Donate New Ultrasound Machine

I have lived in Chilliwack since 1976 and have owned Automobile and RV dealerships and other related businesses here since that time.

This was a small farming country town when we arrived and it has exploded to a current population of 100,000 with a growth rate that is currently and projected to remain one of strongest in the Provence of British Columbia.

Fortunately I have enjoyed and experienced the changes to our wonderful city and have witnessed how the growth creates huge changes in support systems.

All of us residents are users of the facilities and many were not built to handle the fast growing numbers. Although Chilliwack is a well managed city it is extremely difficult for demand to be met with expansion as quickly as it is desired. One of these urgent necessities is the Chilliwack Hospital.

Covid has created a new formula and wait times for procedures have caused painful delays. Over the past five years I have had a few very successful operations and during each experience I have learned about many of the internal hospital functions.

I was told about the emergency departments ultra sound machines. There are two and of them one is problematic and both are old. They are a very regularly used instrument in that area and reliably is a normal expectation.

My wife Holly and I were enjoying dinner at Harry and Sandra Geddes and I related an exceptional experience that I had earlier that day with an Ultra Sound which was done by Woody in the Ultra Sound department.

Because Harry is acting chair of the Chilliwack Hospital Foundation he read a letter to us that he had recently received from Petra Pardy requesting assistance for the replacement of equipment in the Chilliwack Hospital emergency.

It was an amazing coincidence and a golden opportunity for me to become involved and participate in the purchase of a new Ultra Sound machine. The commitment was made and the order is now in process.

John O’Connor